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Gary Homerstad on Wildlife Water

Gail Tunberg, Wildlife Biologist, Tunberg Resources, LLC

Land managers with an objective to improve wildlife populations can spend hours and thousands of dollars improving vegetation.  Food and cover are two sides of the habitat triangle.  The third side of the triangle is water.

Without available water, the best food and cover will not support wildlife.

Supplemental water can entice wildlife to use new areas and be used to more evenly distribute animals across landscapes.  During drought, areas that provided natural water may dry up and will not be used by wildlife. Land managers can protect their wildlife habitat investment by providing supplemental water designed to mimic or augment natural water sources.

Mike McMurry, Hunting Guide, Retired Wildlife Biologist

Some of those folks that think surface water doesn't help quail - don't believe that quail and turkeys get their feathers wet and go back to their nests.....maybe because they have never seen them do it. :))  You bet!  If it's available, they surely will.  When it's dry and native foods have low moisture content especially.

We installed about 20 concrete dish quail waterings with dripping faucets on about 3,000 acres of prime quail habitat at San Pedro Ranch in Dimmit County in the spring of 1987. That was a boom quail year. By August it was dry...and getting dryer.  Late pm in August it was not unusual to find 2-4 coveys at each watering. Blues will drink too if water is available.


Mule Deer at drinker

Mule Deer at drinker

Mule Deer 2

Mule Deer Buck


Bobcat leaving drinker

Bobcat leaving drinker





All photos taken by various brands of Game Cameras.



Box Turtle

  Box Turtle & Coyote 2

Will you share this water hole with me? 


Bear 2

Bear taking a bath!Bear 3

Always wondered what the New Mexico Habitat Stamp funds were spent on.  Now I know.

I always wondered what the New Mexico Habitat Stamp fees were used for.  Now I know.  The funds are actually used to develop and improve wildlife habitat.  Thank you, New Mexico!

Mourninig Dove 

Mourning Dove at Drinker

Coyote at drinker



Jackrabbit, "Is the Coyote gone?"

Whitetail doe at guzzler

Whitetail doe at guzzler

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