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The lightweight fiberglass construction of the Wildlife Watering Systems guzzler offers a simple and easy to assemble solution designed and built to last for decades of reliable service.  The rough surface and slope of the drinking tray provides easy access to water for small game and birds.  The design of the drinker insures that large game animals will not drink all of the available water.  Wildlife Watering Systems (WWS) products meet the ASTM D4097 Standard and are approved by the NRCS for CRP (Conservation Reserve Program ) and EQIP (Environmental Quality Incentive Program) applications, allowing you to use cost-share programs.  Fiberglass construction will not rust or corrode, making it a low maintenance alternative of choice to landowners and wildlife managers.  The drinking trough is connected to the storage tank by a 1” flexible hose.  No float is needed.  Consult your local NRCS office for the size requirements for your area.

Wildlife Watering  Systems guzzler is the solution for providing wildlife with the single most important element that they cannot live without - WATER. Rain and snowfall amounts vary greatly across the western U.S. both state to state and year to year. This challenge can make it difficult for land owners and wildlife managers to attract and hold wildlife. The Wildlife Watering Systems guzzler eliminates this problem by utilizing rain and snowfall  precipitation through catchment, storage and distribution of water.

This system was designed by John Childress, a retired NRCS civil engineering technician and a conservationist, wildlife enthusiast  and avid hunter. The Wildlife Watering  Systems guzzler is the simple, efficient, effective, affordable solution for a consistent supply of naturally maintained drinking water for wildlife!

 NRCS Approved for the States of Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas

8 ft. stand-alone Drinker
Stores 790 gallons of water

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